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Bhagwan Singh Memorial Trust (BSMF) has been set up in the village of Rasulpur, Punjab India, in the ancestral home of the Sat-Bhambra clan. The space from here on will be used to engage and empower the members of the village, by forming credible partnerships and working within Sustainable Development Goals as laid out by the United Nations Member States 2015.

For our first initiative beginning in May 2021, BSMF has partnered with Usha International. Usha Silai School have been running since 2011 and at present have 22,753 schools over India. This joint venture will train women within the village, who due to cultural and traditional restrictions do not venture out to other towns or feel at ease within a mixed sex environment.

Usha will be providing training to a selected 15 women, whittled down from 40-45 women. This will take place over an intensive 3-week training session and then two monthly top up sessions. After the 3 weeks the first 15 trained women, now teachers with an Usha and BSMF certification, will engage another 15 women to provide them with essential skills within sewing and so on, ensuring sustainability.

BSMF will take upon itself all costs of the premises, relevant utility and energy bills and all equipment required for the training.

This partnership and project aim at empowering the women of Rasulpur, ensuring a skills-based knowledge and a foundation for skills-based employment.

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